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SmartText, as the name suggest, is a feature rich text application which provides valuable feature over traditional text (message/sms) application provided by android.

This application focuses on resolving following usability issues which the traditional text application has:
1) You can`t directly locate an address present in the message on a MAP .
2) You can`t share you message content with social networking .
3) You can`t search for the information in the message with search engine.
4) You can`t set your messages as unread.
5) You can`t listen to your message .
6) You can`t delete all message related to same person.
7) You can`t directly email to email address present in the message.
8) You can`t directly move web to specified URL present in the message.

SmartText is focused on resolving these problems. It provides following important functionalities over traditional messaging application.
- Integration with Map(Locate on Map).
- Share Contents(Share content with social networking site).
- Google search (search content form google).
- Speak Message.
- Set Message as read/unread.
- Incoming Message Alert for quick message view.
- Informative Message Viewer
- Call the sender who had sent message.
- Template(Create Template,Edit,Delete).
- Message Settings (Alerts, Notifications, Ringtone, Vibration Mode,Flash light).

Whats New
-Bug Fixes.
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