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X-Plane to GPS v1.51 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

X-Plane to GPS is a utility that allows you to use your Android tablet or other device as a moving map for X-Plane (X-Plane must be running on a PC, *not* a phone/tablet). The app reads location data broadcast by X-Plane and spoofs the GPS location of the device to match that of the simulated aircraft. X-Plane to GPS is not a moving map itself; it allows you to use Google Earth, Garmin Pilot, Naviator, EasyVFR, or any other application that depends upon the GPS location.

Using X-Plane to GPS is very simple; just follow the steps on the Instructions tab. As of version 1.40, the application can automatically configure X-Plane for you! Setting the Active/Paused button to Active will start a background service to ensure that data stays flowing while the application is in the background (the service is terminated when the button is set to Paused). Once the connection is established you will see a valid position on the Data tab and you can switch to the moving map application of your choice. The app has been developed and tested with X-Plane versions 9, 10, and 11; older versions might not work as the UDP data format has changed over time. For more complete instructions please visit the developer`s website and download the manual.

X-Plane to GPS is a product of Appropel and is not related to Laminar Research, Google, Garmin, 123west, or PocketFMS.

Whats New
1.51 - Fix for banner ad getting in the way, location problems on some devices.
1.50 - Support for X-Plane 11.
1.44 - Support for Android M.
1.41 - Support for German, UI tweaks, app opens to previous tab.
1.40 - Added auto-configuration of X-Plane.
1.32 - Fixed a few bugs.
1.31 - Added EasyVFR compatibility and port number setting.
1.30 - Added settings tab and ability to forward packets on to another device.
1.22 - Fixed some minor bugs.
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