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AndroIDentity v3.7.6 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

New Features:
* SafetyNet Attestation and Scan: Check your device for SafetyNet compliance and scan for potentially harmful software, in a 2-way validated and secure algorithm

* Package Manager: Full featured package manager allows you to start/stop packages or their activities, filter, uninstall, inspect their digital certificate, and even share APKs through any sharing app or method

* 15,950 devices identified

* Play Services Status: AndroIDentity will report on the status and version of the main Play Service components: Play Services and Play Store, and indicate what procedures can be done if problems are found

* Widgets: For Pro users, AndroIDentity provides 5 powerful widgets: device identity and version, Play Services status, Storage usage, Live Memory Status and Live CPU information (include speed / core)

* Device Identity: AndroIDentity will report several hardware and operating system parameters of the device to you, so you know what you really have

Everyday thousands of people buy counterfeit phones and tablets, paying the full price of a genuine one. Can can you tell a GENUINE from a cheap fake or counterfeit (F/C) device?

Due to the high number of fake Android devices hitting the market, usually undistinguisheable from the real ones, it is necessary for people to know what they really have, and paid for, or if they`ve fallen victim of a F/C device.

How does AndroIDentity work

AndroIDentity reads the hardware signature of the device and tries to match it with an internal database of 15,950 known device signatures, and is an improved and curated version of Google`s own device database. It will then tell what is your device`s real brand and model plus a lot of other useful info.

If the signature read from your device doesn`t match any of the known signatures, a `no match` message will be shown. That indicates you may have a fake device. However, in order to prevent false negatives, a series of other useful information is also displayed, letting you know for sure what the specs of your devices are and compare them against the manufacturers published specs.

If you get a `no match` (or multiple matches) but you are sure you have a genuine model, just click on the `Identity` tab, type the name of the device you have on the Model edit box, click on the `Email` button and send me the identity read from your device so I can check the data and either confirm the diagnosis of a fake phone or update the application to include the new signature.

If you decide to submit the info to me, rest assured that absolutely no personal / unique info is sent.

Along with the new features, you can also share the details of the discovered information with your usual sharing apps.

ROOT check

AndroIDentity can also check for the presence of the `su` binary, which indicates your phone is rooted. This feature comes in handy for those just testing for root, of for those buying a supposedly new phone: if a new phone indicates the presence of root or `su`, it had it`s firmware or bootloader tampered with.

Even although the app asks for root permission, NO changes are made to your device, permanent or temporary, therefore it is absolutely safe to grant root permission.

Samsung KNOX Status

Some selected Samsung devices (such as the Galaxy S and Note series) feature a flag called `KNOX`. If anyone tries to flash a new firmware to the device that hasn`t been signed by Samsung, this flag is `tripped` (means it is set to `1`), and the warranty on the device is automatically void. Most authorized service centers will only provide repair under warranty if this flag is untouched. Once KNOX has been tripped, it cannot be changed back. AndroIDentity will report the current status of the KNOX Warranty flag. If you`re buying a new device, it is good practice to always check for the KNOX Status.

Whats New
- NEW: report on NFC hardware
- NEW: share APK through Android BEAM (Pro only)
- NEW: faster loading time + ReDex optimizations
- Fixed: share identity information was missing identity info
- Fixed: share APK now always allows choice of sharing app
- Improved: Android Oreo compatibility
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
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