Simple Scrobbler (Libre fm and ListenBrianz)

Simple Scrobbler (Libre fm and ListenBrianz)

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Simple Scrobbler (Libre fm & ListenBrianz) v1.5.4 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

A lightweight scrobbler that submits information to on what music you play on your android phone.
Also supports, ListenBrainz

Please note that some of the following applications require changing their default settings to enable scrobbling.
Supported Apps:
Spotify, Google Music, Deezer, Rhapsody/Napster, Rdio, My Cloud Player, SoundCloud, 8tracks, InfiniTracks, Squeezer, Amazon Music, Huawei, n7player, BuMP, PowerAMP, Black Player, AIMP, Timber (Beta), Vanilla Music, SmartVanilla Music, Shuttle Music Player, Rocket Player, JRTStudio Android Music Player, PlayerPro, Jetaudio, jukefox, foobar2000, DeaDBeeF, GoneMAD Music Player, Folder Player, Neutron Music Player, Music Pump XBMC Remote (Beta), Music Folder Player, Meridian Player, MixZing, Archos Music Player, Radio Noise FM, Now Playing, SoundSeeder, MortPlayer, bTunes, WIMP, Just Playlists, RockOn, Apollo, Android Music Player, HTC Hero/Sense Music Player, MIUI Music Player, ServeStream, Default Sony Ericsson/Xperia Music Player, myTouch 4G, LG Music Player, DAAP Media Player, xenoAmp, Marine, MediaMonkey, Pulsar, more...

Supported Languages:
English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech . If you`d like to help translations, please open an issue on GitHub to get help or fork and add your translations.

For problems and feedback, please open an issue. SLS is on GitHub, and any and all contributions are welcome!
You can also search for `Simple Community` in google and report issues there.

Whats New
- 1.5.5 (2017-9-16)
* ListenBrainz fix (thanks to @19379)
* Notice: Version 1.5.6 dropping android < 4.0 support
* Notice: Version 1.5.6 will be released soon after version 1.5.5
* Notice: If you are interested in starting a `old android` fork please email.