VR Whales Dream of Flying FULL

VR Whales Dream of Flying FULL

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VR Whales Dream of Flying FULL v1.14 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

VR Whales Dream of Flying by Odd but Awesome

Chill out with your Google Cardboard VR (Virtual Reality) and this short ocean trip into another world.

Relaxing visuals and chill music make for a nice little break. Headphones very recommended. Sitting in a swivel chair is good so you can spin around too.

Why ride a normal roller coaster, you can do that for real already. This unique Google Cardboard VR experience is truly out of this world. Glide serenely high above a dark blue ocean as distant whale song calls from afar.

There are ZERO ads in this full version experience. You can enjoy the ride as many times as you want without restriction. :)

Take the step into affordable VR and get yourself a set of Google Cardboard VR goggles. Use your existing smartphone.

If you have any issues or comments please let me know so I may attempt to fix it.

* This is the 5 minute full paid version. If you want to test out your device or you wish to see if you are happy to pay for this, the full version please try the FREE edition first. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.OddbutAwesome.WhalesDreamofFlyingFREE

** Please note you require Google Cardboard or similar VR viewing device to use this software effectively.

Whats New
- tweaked settings for greater compatibility (hopefully this will solve some peoples phones getting black screen).
- optimized some large poly objects for better culling.
- tweaked some textures/materials for a better look.
- standardized build numbering across FREE and FULL for Cardboard and IDEALENS versions.