Cool Weather Clock Widgets

Cool Weather Clock Widgets

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Cool Weather Clock Widgets v1.6 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

Your phone can finally look awesome with super “Cool Weather Clock Widgets” free app for Android™. This amazing and useful widget is here give you information about the weather forecast, date and time in one place. So don`t be lazy, download this awesome weather widget with digital clock and customize your home screen the way you like.

➨ Small weather widget and digital clock widget in one awesome widget!

Decorate your phone according to your own taste or style. This is a fantastic compilation of minimalist weather and clock widgets that can spice up your home screen. Everyone has their own taste and preference in design, this cool widget collection has a wide array of simple and elegant clock and weather widgets to choose from.

➨ Amazing weather & clock widgets support both Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin measurement unit!!!

The weather can sometimes be very unpredictable, the one moment it is sunny the other it rains like crazy. But you cannot constantly watch the weather channel and the news on TV to be well informed, and why should you when you have the best weather clock widget on your home screen. From now on you will always be prepared for any weather condition. Whenever you need some extra information, just tap on your cool weather widget and you will know more about the temperature, pressure, cloudiness, humidity and wind speed and the exact time of sunrise and sunset.

➨ More fantastic stylish weather clock widgets are unlocked every day!!!

You can change the look of this simple weather widget whenever you want. There is a wide range of beautiful widget skins on your disposal. Take the one that matches yous wallpaper or live wallpaper and beautify your home screen the way you like. When it`s raining and you feel miserable, add some lively colors to your clock and weather widget and you will immediately feel much better.

➨ Simple weather widget app!!!

No matter what the weather is like outside, let every day of your life be a the best day with these fantastic Cool Weather Clock Widgets! With this free app you will never get caught without an umbrella in a summer thunderstorm or without the sunglasses during the sunny day. Don`t be afraid to show who you really are, personalize your phone and show how awesome you are!
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