Snapp Driver اسنپ رانندگان

Snapp Driver اسنپ رانندگان

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Snapp Driver اسنپ رانندگان v2.6.9 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

If you want to move the passengers in the city (Tehran or Karaj) to have an income, you can accept ride requests from Snapp passengers by selecting the locations at any time.

Download “Snapp Driver” app and enter your mobile number and we will instruct you step by step.

How it works

By offering new solutions and features, Snapp helps you to make money by driving.
By instructing you to use Snapp driver, and the navigation app and sending you recommendations, we help you to have an extra income.
All the trips are registered and tracked by GPS and you can call the support team for help at any time.


Monitor your income and performance inside the app.
You will receive the trip fares directly from the passenger
The trip fares paid by credit will be transferred to your account 3 times a week.
Less commission payment and full time support
Allowance offers, Recommendation of locations with high demand, and incentives in driver’s club.

Drivers Office

No. 27, 17th Street, South Gandhi, Tehran.
Sat. till Wednesday 8:00 AM - 16 PM / Thursdays : 8:00 AM - 14 PM
Shahid Sattari Office
1st Floor, No. 16, 10th Shaghayegh St. , after Kourosh complex, North Sattari Highway, Tehran.
Sat. till Wednesday 8:00 AM - 17:00 PM / Thursdays : 8:00 AM - 14:00 PM

Required Documents

Driving license, car Insurance, National ID card, Technical checkup document for cars older than 2011.

Drivers with plate numbers of their city can only be active in their own city.
*If you’re a Snapp passenger, and you want to use the app to commute in the city, please install “Snapp” here.
Website Address:
Office: 41849000

Whats New
Snapp Box round trip offer is available now!
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