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20 Lights

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20 Lights v10.0 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

20 Lights Free
There is an ad free version for a low price for those who don`t want ads
Some for fun and some for help and emergency lights.
It includes the following lights
Caution Light (like you find on the street when construction is going on)
Crosswalk Lights (you control if they can walk across the street or not, for fun.
Now with automatic or manual controls. Also good to teach children.)
Flashlight (your standard white light if you need to find the keyhole at night.
Now with 4 different shades if you want to use less light example: for a night light)
Help Light (black background with the word HELP in bold text)
Open in a neon light (for fun or business)
Police Lights (for fun ONLY, blue and red lights flash like on a police car)
Railroad Crossing Lights (the type you see when waiting for a train to go by)
SOS Light (this one blinks to draw more attention to it)
Street Lights or Traffic Lights (you control the red, amber or green, for fun.
Now with automatic or manual controls and the yellow light now blinks before turning green. Also good to teach children.)
Strobe Light (for fun. Now with 4 different colors to choose from.)
Candles that have a animated flame and choice of a romantic gold candle, or a pink or blue birthday candle
Brite lite LED draw your own leds, with 6 colors to choose from, erase some (if you make a mistake) or clear all and start over plus 3 different animations of your LED artwork after your finished creating it or no animation. (Great time waster for children or for yourself to flash a message across the room to a friend).
Zippo lighter with animated flame, close the lid and the flame goes out, open the lid and you have to click the spark wheel to light it again.
Morse code, with a dot button and a dash button to make it easier (dash lights up longer then the dot) plus the full alphabet and numbers 0-9 in morse code on the screen so you know can learn how to send morse code.
Plus various disco, party and just blinking lights to shine for fun.
This one is jammed packed with all sorts of lights to have fun with or for use.

The permissions is for the ad, nothing more.

Whats New
upgraded sdk
I shortened the time the ad loads that way if it does not load it will move to the start page of the app sooner, so there is less wait time.
Quickly fixed buttons positions and reuploaded new upgrade so they work in the proper position
Changed ad from banners which appeared on every page to just one ad at the start of the app loading, so it would not be so intrusive for the rest of the app (no banners on every page now)
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