pfodAppV3 BT,BLE,Wifi,SMS

pfodAppV3 BT,BLE,Wifi,SMS

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pfodAppV3 BT,BLE,Wifi,SMS v7.7.8 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

NOTE: None of these screens are built into pfodApp. They are all created by compact text messages from your Arduino or other micro.
The free pfodDesigner app lets you create you own menu system and then generates the Arduino code for you.

pfodApp connects to Arduino101, BBC micro:bit, other BLE modules including RFduino, Itead BLE Shield (HM_10 modules), Bluefruit LE Flora and UART Friend, Bluefruit LE SPI, RedBearLab BLE Shield, ESP8266 modules, Classic Bluetooth e.g. Itead Bluetooth Shield, SIM900 GPRS SMS shields, Adafruit Feather WICED, Arduino Ethernet shield, and others

pfod (Protocol For Operations Discovery) pfodApp V3.0.307+ uses pfodParser libraries V3.4+
pfodApp V3 adds drawing primitives so you can create your own custom controls. See

It also has menu and image caching as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support in addition to SMS,WiFi and Bluetooth V2 connections. Colour and text formatting as well as sliders and data logging and plotting, are available so you can easily capture and display those measurements on your android, and with 128 bit security so you can control you devices over the internet easily and safely.
Use the pfodDesignerV2 to design your own Android menus to control Arduino outputs like the Fish Tank screen shown here. No coding required.

Control Arduino and other microprocessor devices from your Andriod mobile via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth V2, Wifi or SMS each with optional 128bit security (Not all Android mobiles support BLE)
NO Android Programming required. All screens, colours, font size and style are completely controlled by your Arduino.

Installation Guide:

Unleash the power of your Arduino or other micro project with pfodApp. Building useful devices, like a garage door remotes, dimmable room lighting, etc, that they can control from their Android mobile. This one pfodApp can control multiple devices each with different functions. pfodApp V3 adds support for creating your own sophisticated controls, No android programming required.

see for examples of how to convert your existing projects to android control.

Using the pfodApp on an Andriod mobile, your users can read text prompts, send navigation commands, traverse menu hierarchies, choose from single and multi-selection lists, input with sliders, and numbers and text and view data sent by your micro, in their own language. pfodApp als supports non-English menus and screen texts.

The contents of each screen shot here, including the language, is completely controlled by the microprocessor the app is connecting to.

The Protocol For Operation Discovery (pfod) is simple request/response protocol for use with micro-controllers. Think HTML replacement, but with a much simpler format and much shorter messages designed for ease of coding in a micro processor. The pfodApp functions as micro-browser and the pfodDevice is the micro-server.

The pfodApp does all of the Android stuff for you and remembers the menu hierarchy. You only need to code your micro to be a pfodDevice which responds to simple requests over Bluetooth, wifi/internet or SMS and sends back simple micro-pages in response. The text and user choices displayed by on the Android mobile by the pfodApp are completely controlled by what you code in your micro. No Android coding is required. The pfodApp handles it all.

See the Installation Guide: for

This pfodApp has intentional limitations in functionality and the software will have unintentional coding errors. It must NOT be used in any situation where there is any risk of personal injury or damage to property.
Copyright in the documents and in any implementations of pfod are owned by Forward Computing and Control Pty. Ltd. (Forward)

Whats New
Rev 319 added to as private IPs
Rev 318 fix close connection timer
Rev 317 ble socket null pointer
Rev 316 guard against bleConnection null pointer
Rev 315 fixed IllegalStateException
Rev 314 pushZero only takes ~ args
Rev 313 refined refresh handling
Rev 312 fixed dwg refresh, added OutOfMemory checks and nullPointer checks, improve plot handling (ANR)
Rev 311 partial fixed for dwg refresh
Rev 310 fixed nullpointers in v308, ArthmeticError in v304
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